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“The business escort and the support with decision making which is based on a financial rational, side by side of emotional support tailored to the personal management style and goals – had been an important component for the success of the company and had allowed me to plan long term moves”
Adi Akunis - Akunis Media Consulting

“Since I remember myself I am always close the goal but still far at the same time. Knowing Dalit and Working with her simply made the very clear distinction between surviving and living, to love myself at the present time, love the goals but more than that love the way.
The most important thing that happened to me in the process is not just being successful with achieving the goal which I came for, but also to appreciate, Love and trust myself and to realize we have anything we believe we deserve. This is my real opportunity to say my thanks for meeting Dalit, for her generosity and her wisdom that she shred with me. I hope others will give themselves this gift”
Keren Sterenfeld – Director

"In the process of coaching, the first and most important thing I realized about Dalit was her capacity to listen and understand. Dalit as a coach is highly intuitive. She serves as a guide into your subconscious. Dalit gave me remarkable tools utilizing them on a daily basis. With these tools I managed to overcome hard-hitting obstacles. If one is truthful to his commitment to himself and his purpose, coaching is an ideal process".
Avi Kastoriano – Filmmaker, New York

"Working with Dalit has been an inspiration and an opportunity to check deep into my past and bring forth wounds, give them a voice and allow them to be lovingly embraced and heal. Dalit has a brilliant gift of deep intuition and insight and has in my opinion the true qualities of an emotional and spiritual healer".
Dahlia Shapiro, Los Angeles

"Dalit has an exceptional blend of processes, strategies, and skills, that allow her to guide a client to get to their desired outcome. Beyond Dalit’s intelligence and humor is her strong intuition and loving heart which enables her to see the truth and envision the most creative possibilities for her clients. Dalit is a gift to those who are fortunate enough to make contact with her. I look forward to an on-going relationship!"
Julia C. Frankel, MA CoeurAlign Studios - A company of Home & Life Design

"I have been blessed by Dalit's presence. She honored me with her time, her compassion, her intuition, and most of all her unconditional loving presence. Whether on the phone or in person, I can feel her support so strongly. My life has been better because of her and I know I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for the work we did together."
Irene Chiu, North Hollywood

“If I would have heard a description of the process I’ve been through with Dalit I would have, at the minimum, raised an eyebrow. One comes, defines what he wants and how he wants it. Working pleasantly, aiming for a goal and within few months everything just happens, as simple as that!
As it turns out, as well amongst the more ‘conscious’ of us, there are blocks which interfere with our growth. Dalit, with professionalism, wisdom, pleasantly and quickly helped me identify them and move them out of my way”
Matty Kloper – CEO GreenPass

“Amazing! The results were better than we could have hoped. Dalit was patient and taught us to express our thoughts in a positive way and to communicate effectively with each other, even though we are all from very different cultures and backgrounds.
We have all been able to put Dalits teaching into practice in our private lives, as well as our working environment. We have been able to handle difficult and stressful situations in a calmer manner and have seen an overall improvement in time management within the company.”
Management team Chino
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