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Life Coaching
Coaching for all areas of life such as career, relationships, finances, breaking old habits, dealing with fears and working with specific goals. The result is a significant growth experience and achievement of goals, easily and gracefully.

" If I would have heard a description of the process I’ve been through with Dalit I would have, at the minimum, raised an eyebrow. One comes, defines what he wants and how he wants it. Working pleasantly, aiming for a goal and within few months everything just happens, as simple as that!

As it turns out, as well amongst the more ‘conscious’ of us, there are blocks which interfere with our growth. Dalit, with professionalism, wisdom, pleasantly and quickly helped me identify them and move them out of my way

Matty Kloper – CEO GreenPass

- Article about the integrative coaching method
The structure of the coaching plan is from the future to the present. The plan is designed to lead the process to fulfillment in the most pleasant quickest way, while moving obstacles from the path. The plan includes an evaluation of the current situation, clarifying a vision, and setting up specific goals. Throughout the coaching process we will remove and reframe limiting beliefs, let go of negative feelings, Which are stuck in us and stopping our progress, and take practical steps in accordance with our goals.

We were all born without any limitations, with the possibility of creating anything naturally and easily. Along the years, and throughout the socialization processes, we learned to limit ourselves, to oppose our natural heart’s desires and suppress our authentic power.

When we do achieve our goals in life it seems to be through an unavoidable struggle. But there is a part in us that knows we are free, strong, and have infinite potential. There is a part of us that know we are capable of much more.

The results show up in all areas of life. From the moment of choice to walk on the path of empowerment you will have practical work tools to work with and implement in any area of life, for life. The integrative life coaching process is a unique one, designed specifically to each person considering their goals and objective.

Results of Integrative Life Coaching:
Creating long lasting fulfillment and joy in life free from circumstances from the past or the present
Creating and managing healthy relationships
Enhanced creativity and Emotional intelligence
Feeling of internal peace, harmony and balance
Success in the world
Self fulfillment and Self confidence
    Enhanced communication skills and assertiveness
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