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Business Coaching
Organizations, like people, are live organisms, with their own character, strengths and weaknesses, and humongous potential. What determines the success and the dynamic of a certain organization is first of the people which are a part of it, and first and for most, the organization in the mirror of its leaders.

Wise leadership in the golden era we are moving into, is one of leaders of a system who knows how to take responsibility of their own management before their lead others. These managers understand that the shortest most profitable way, is the conscious way.

Integrative Coaching service for organizations includes a complete plan for managers and businesses tailor made for success and peace of mind (can be combined with integrative life coaching).

The Coaching and the Workshops are given in Hebrew and/or English.

The 4 steps model foa a complete business coaching plan:
1. Evaluate
Evaluating the company in real time, defining needs, identifying immediate objectives, drawing a vision and choosing values
2. Outline the path
Answering to urgent needs by implementing immediate solutions, marking specific goals and timelines, and defining the results in practical terms. 
Identifying and re-framing irrational ways of thinking- empowering the self, practicing advanced communication for assertiveness and clarity
3. Implement
Using leadership skills to improve personal effectiveness, implementation of solutions and management systems as well as decision making processes. Practicing dealing with conflicts and objections, developing emotional intelligence – managing emotions and taking personal responsibility.
4. Maintain 
Developing and Implementing maintenance and support systems.
Research & Development.
Results of Integrative Business Coaching:
Clear and effective communication between all part of the organization (internal and external)
Smart orderly implementation systems  
Cost-Effectiveness and enhanced profitability
Self Empowerment and inner peace
Joy at work

Advanced conscious communication
Conflict resolution in a dynamic environment
Developing and enhancing Leadership skills

CCO (Chief Consciousness Officer)
A position in your organization to support the implementation of new ways of thinking, to strengthen the psychological-optimistic-emotional side of your employees, to create a new meaning in the work place
and to promote your organization’s objectives in a conscious way.
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